Regulation 2024

The fishing program starts every day at 18:00

The cabin must be vacated 45 minutes before the end of the game in order to sanitize.

The stand can accommodate two fishermen with full rights. The fisherman is obliged to have adequate equipment for fishing in the C&R system.

From the year 2023, the 3rd member is also accepted on the stand, against the amount of 100 lei (to be paid upon arrival at the lake), provided that the tent is set up in the area indicated by the administration. This fee is not charged for children up to 7 years old.

For the protection of the fish, the Reception Mattress, the Sling, the Lie and the antiseptic spray, must be made available by the Ozone Lake administration.

On the stand you can fish with a maximum of 4 rods.

The minimum line allowed for carp fishing is 0.35mm.

The minimum line allowed for feeder fishing is 0.25mm.

You can use the following mounts: in-line, helicopter, lost lead.

It is prohibited to use mounts that do not allow the release of the lead in case of breakage.

The use of the stop on the main wire is strictly prohibited

The use of the advance of any kind is strictly prohibited

It is forbidden to use clips between the main thread and the mount

It is strictly forbidden to fish with a bomb or with two or three hooks!!! It can be fished with lead or float

Live bait and dry corn are strictly prohibited!

Nadi can be done in any way, but the allowed amount of nada per day is 5 kg

Catching specimens larger than 15 kg, the fisherman is asked to notify the administration

Fishermen are not allowed to have any kind of storage or jewelry bag.

Fishermen are obliged to leave the stand clean at the advice of the party.

Car access to the fishing stand is not allowed.

The fishermen's cars are NOT ALLOWED to leave the parking area they occupy throughout the game. Fishermen who need to use the car during the game are asked to notify the administration, otherwise, they will not be allowed to return to the stand!

Prohibited music, swearing and other activities that may disturb the other fishermen on the lake.

Boat fishing is allowed for a fee, 50 lei / 24h

The fisherman, before starting to collect the equipment, has the obligation to notify the guard that he intends to end the fishing game, and all rods must be removed from the water.

The fisherman will pay the reservation fee only after he has become aware of the regulations and conduct of the lake

Photos of the caught fish are only taken above the reception mattress and at a height of no more than 30 cm from the mattress.

The captured fish is only released from the Sling in front of the Pontoon, after it has been given an antiseptic spray where it was stung and/or where it has injuries.

Failure to comply with the rules results in the end of the game.

When leaving the fishing spot, the fisherman is obliged to return the mattress + spray in the condition in which he received it. In case of failure, the fisherman will pay the value of the rented item (Mattress = 300 lei, Sling = 200 lei, Spray = 25 lei, Minciog = 300 lei, Grill = 250 lei)

Reservations must be made online to fish Ozone Lake.

Visits are allowed until 20:00.

During the night, it is mandatory that the light in the stand be on.

It is forbidden to use air heaters or heating installations in the cabin by connecting them to sockets.

It is forbidden to stick pickets or other objects in the pontoon that can degrade the condition of the pontoon.

By taking note of this regulation, you agree to the use of photo and video materials taken by you in the premises of OzoneLake, with the aim of promoting the company on social media or the official website

Whoever is caught not following the rules will be asked to leave the property!